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Contact our design team to get professional, eye-catching logos for your business.

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Not only can Pinnacle provide you with a professional website, but we can also make a logo worthy of your branding.

Our creative experts will work with you to develop a logo to your specifications. Skilled in digital creative software, creating your logo is as simple as filling out the form below.

Please be aware that design requests typically process in about 3 weeks.  Depending on the request’s nature and overall activity volume, it could also be longer.

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Things to consider: choice of color, font styles, and what you want to prioritize in the design. What do you want your clients to know first and foremost about your services?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Image Resolution? What is an image's PPI?

An image’s resolution is normally described in PPI (pixels per inch). Having a higher-resolution image means there are more pixels, therefore providing a higher-quality, crisp image.

It’s always better to have an image at the largest resolution/ quality. Image applications have an easier time removing unwanted information than generating new pixels.

What is the difference between PNG and JPEG? Does it matter which I submit?

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) uses a lossy compression algorithm that discards some image information to reduce the size of the file.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) uses a lossless algorithm that keeps all of the information while retaining a large file size and better quality.

While JPGs may take up less room, we recommend submitting PNG images for logos, as they’re typically transparent, and better for graphic quality.

What makes a good logo?
It’s actually less complicated than one thinks when considering a logo’s design. A good rule of thumb is to remember that a logo must be three things: appropriate, simple, and distinctive.

A logo is appropriate when the imagery in the design does not say a lot. The graphic should be concise to the feeling, or message being conveyed. For insurance businesses, this generally conveys a feeling of clean professionalism or icon symbolism.

A logo should be simple in that reproduction of the image should not decrease the viewing when scaled up or down. A logo needs to be able to withstand various printed mediums and scales so that it can be accessible in all formats in future use.


Finally, a logo must be distinctive or memorable so that it can be easily recognized. It should be unusual enough to differ from others, (especially between competitive agencies,) but not so that it becomes difficult to recreate from memory.

These three things are all considered by our design team when collaborating on your logo. With them in mind, we’re sure to come up with the perfect representation for your business.

What kind of logo should I ask for?

There are a variety of logos that can represent your company. Each one is effective in marketing but has a different advantage when conveying its message:

  • A Signature is a combination of a symbol, wordmark, and tagline.
  • Wordmarks are company names set in a stylized typeface.
  • A Letterform is a single letter used as a mnemonic device for the company name.
  • An Emblem is a mark to which the company name is connected to a pictorial element.
  • Pictorial marks use literal and recognizable imagery.
  • An abstract mark uses a distinctive visual form to convey a bigger idea or brand.
  • Combination marks combine wordmarks and brand marks.

What colors should my logo be?

Depending upon your branding, a logo’s color is almost as important as the elements within it.

Make sure that you don’t use too many colors. The rule of keeping the imagery simple also applies to the coloring. Choose those that work best together and compliment the appearance.

Sometimes, the answer is as simple as finding the right color palette.

While we will work with you in whatever you decide to use, please keep in mind that simplicity is key and generally, logos should use three colors or less.

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